Introduction to Clinical Practice (CSDS 489)

Attached above is five of the journal entries that I completed throughout the semester. These journals were specifically to be written as SOAP notes, which are written by SLP’s after their sessions. These notes are designed to be brief, but also thorough to allow any medical professional to pick up a patients chart and understand the treatment needed. These will be very important throughout my career and I am very glad to have been given the opportunity to practice them.

This class taught me a lot of information that I will continue to use throughout my schooling and career. We learned about the opportunities and requirements of both SLP’s and SLPA’s and practiced what will be required of us in a clinical setting. We gained 25 hours of observation which helped to prepare us for going to graduate school and eventually our own clinical practice. This was the class that I gained the most helpful knowledge from this semester and I am extremely grateful for it.