Communication Disorders in Media and Society (CSDS 201)

Attached above is one of the group presentations I was a part of throughout the spring semester of CSDS 201. The other authors of this PowerPoint include Kelsey Bomar, Emma Bryant, Kestin Tucker, and Mason Carver. To complete this assignment each member of the group had to watch the same movie and put together a presentation that answered questions specific to the course. We all worked together through zoom to complete the presentation.

CSDS 201 taught me not only the importance of group work but also how to contribute properly when working in a group. We did multiple group assignments throughout the semester, each more interactive than the others. I’ve personally never liked working in groups and this class tested me. Throughout the class, I got used to working in groups and didn’t struggle with it as much. I actually found it useful, because everyone in my group contributed an even amount.