While exploring colleges to attend during my senior year of high school, I found it hard to find a sense of community in many of the bigger universities. Considering that community is very important to me, it was easy for me to decide that Longwood University was the place for me. Not only did the overall feel of the entire campus feel like home, but the community I found within the extracurricular activities I joined brought me friends that will last a lifetime.

Going into my freshman year I was nervous to meet new people and find new friends. The first thing I did on campus participate in the honors retreat. The retreat immediately created friendship bonds that I know will last a lifetime and everyone within honors supported each other no matter what. I also joined the women’s club volleyball team and fell in love with the club and my teammates around me. The club came my home and I was able to take leadership positions over the years. The other extracurriculars I was a part of throughout my college career opened my eyes to so many new opportunities and experiences.

Overall, the clubs and activities that Longwood University offers creates a safe space and place of community. Attending this university opened the door to a community that I will forever call home.