Giving to others is something I was raised to take part in. Each year my family and I would volunteer to help those who need it. It was important for me to find a school that would allow me to continue with theses service activities. The first thing I participated in with the Honors College was the Honors Leadership Retreat, which included a day of service. During this day of service, we were able to help at a local horse ranch to fix the stables and paint the barns. During my junior year, I participated in the Big Event which is one big day of service in Farmville. It allows us, as students of Longwood University, to give back to the town that allows us to call this place home. This experience was very eye opening and exciting that I decided to apply for the executive board for the Big Event my senior year. I was awarded the position of Assistant Director and helped the rest of the executive team plan and carry out our one big day. While I wish that I had taken part in more service activities throughout my undergraduate career, I am proud of those that I was a part of and hope to experience more opportunities in my future.