Special Populations in Communication Disorders (CSDS 460)

Attached above is a short paper written for this class. This paper was specifically about the movie Concussion directed by Peter Landesman. This was a movie we watched as homework while on the topic of TBI’s and CTE. The information in this movie was extremely helpful in memorizing facts about CTE and this paper encouraged us to form our own opinion on the presentation of CTE by Dr. Omalu. We were also asked to find two peer-reviewed research articles on CTE, which expanded our knowledge even more.

This class was extremely insightful and taught me a lot about different disorders I may encounter in my future career as an SLP. We went into extreme detail of each including the signs, causes, and treatments. This is knowledge that I know I will keep and use for the rest if my life and I am extremely thankful to my teacher for being there for questions when I needed her. She understood when the class was struggling and helped us without question, which helped us in memorizing the information.