Lancer Launchpad (CTZN 410)

Attached above is my groups final slideshow for our symposium presentation on research day. This presentation was a culmination of all of the information we had acquired over the semester. We presented this at symposium day to share our research and place the idea of a de-stress room in the heads of Longwood faculty.

At the beginning of this class, we were asked to get into groups and identify a problem in this world we want to fix. After we identified the problem we wanted to focus on, we were ti come up with a solution and use the rest of the semester to create and test this solution. Our group decided to focus on the problem of the stress of college students. We decided that there aren’t any free resources that a student can use to de-stress at any point in the day. Our solution to this was to build a de-stress room for students and faculty that was open 24 hours a day and was filled with de-stress items and comfortable seating. We actually created a small version of this room and opened it to students for about a week towards the end of the semester. This class was very helpful in that we learned the real steps of creating something to solve a problem and put it out to the public.