Introduction to Biopsychology

This was my first Psychology class at Longwood. I was initially concerned about this class because I hadn’t taken a psychology class since my junior year of high school. The most beneficial thing we did in this class was using Mindtap to review content. We learned vocabulary words as we were doing our reading, and these words were paired with definitions and sometimes images. I liked this class a lot more than I thought I would. I enjoyed having discussions about issues in psychology, such as the use of animal testing. I found it beneficial to hear other people’s opinions and see how despite everyone in the room having the same major, many of us thought differently.


Connectome Response

This assignment was my response to a TED Talk about the “connectome.” I enjoyed this assignment because we were encouraged to form our own opinions, to share them, and to ask questions. I found the connectome in particular fascinating because it was a hot topic of debate within my class.