Survey Design

In survey research, it is best to include demographic questions last and to mix in open
ended questions throughout, if any are used. Questions must not include double-negatives, and it is best for them to be as short as possible. In survey research, you must ensure your question is, at least at face value, measuring what you are intending for it to measure.
The research question for this project is: how does socioeconomic status affect parent
involvement? The independent variable is socioeconomic status. This is being measured by asking: what is your annual household income? The responses range from less than 10,000 to greater than 91,000 and increase in increments of approximately 20,000. This is well written because it is increasing by the same range each time and there is no overlap in the responses, so a person would not qualify for more than one answer. The dependent variable, family involvement, is measured by asking: how engaged were you with your child throughout the project? The responses range from zero to ten, where zero would represent not at all, and ten would represent a great amount. This is well written because at face value, it appears to measure family involvement.