Research Methods in Psychology

Out of all of the classes I took in my first year at Longwood, this one was definitely the hardest. I am incredibly thankful that we were able to work with a partner for our semester project, and I am thankful that my partner and I did not have any issues working together. That said, the project itself was still challenging, especially once we were sent home. We had due dates for other essays at the same time that things were due for our semester project, which was difficult. Finding the time to work with my partner when we were both very busy with other classes and had very different schedules was a bit of a pain at times. I did like how we went over in extreme detail the formatting of research papers and what exactly should be included. Sometimes I feel that professors write a rubric that can sometimes be too vague, but with this class that was not the case. It was always very clear what needed to be included.


Research Methods in Psychology Final Proposal

This document was the semester-long project I worked on with my research partner. We did not actually perform our experiment, as we were not supposed to, but we were instructed to estimate what our data would be based on previous similar research. I will admit to not having liked this project very much, mainly due to the difficulty to coordinate especially once we were no longer on campus, so I am glad it is over.