Crime, Criminal Justice, and Mental Health

I took this course in Spring 2021. For some days I was in person, and other days I was online. Even when I was in person, we had Zoom open so we could go into breakout rooms and have discussions with group members who were not present. This was really helpful because trying to have in-person discussions from six feet away is difficult. This also allowed those who could not be in person due to the regulations limiting class size to still participate. After we had discussions with our groups on Zoom we would have discussions as a class. I enjoyed our class discussions because we got to learn what other people were thinking, and our professor would add anything we missed that she believed was important. This class covered a lot but a goal of mine would be to learn more on this topic, particularly about the mental health system in Trieste, Italy. This is because I want to be a clinical psychologist and in Trieste, they have what is believed to be the type of mental health system that we should’ve had here after deinstitutionalization.

For this class I wrote a paper about the not guilty by reason of insanity and the guilty but mentally ill court verdicts. I explained why I believe the not guilty by reason of insanity verdict is superior.