Biological Concepts

This was not my favorite class because I felt like a decent portion of it was review from high school, so I was bored sometimes. However, I did enjoy the labs we did. The fact that I enjoyed the labs surprised me because I was initially dreading them; I did not have the best experience with labs in high school as I felt the teachers did not always explain sufficiently or did not pick interesting labs for us to do. I was pleasantly surprised that the instructions were always clear, and I actually found myself interested in some of the labs. I also enjoyed how we assessed the credibility of sources and discussed the sources as a class. By doing so, we gained insight on other people’s perspectives on the same topics. The way this was done encouraged us to form our own opinions on topics and not to view things as black and white.


This is a photo of Field Mustards that I took for a lab. We had to use an app called iNaturalist in order to identify the species of different things. This was my favorite lab, and I still use the app.