French 111

I took French 111 during Fall 2020. This class was entirely online. We met four days a week. I felt like a lot of this class was review from middle school and high school French, but I haven’t taken French since sophomore year of high school so the review was welcome. Sometimes I felt the class was moving a bit too quickly through a topic, and other times I felt we were going a bit too slow. At the end of this semester we had an oral exam, and this was the first speaking exam we had. We did do a lot of speaking amongst our peers in this class, but I did not feel prepared. My French speaking and listening skills are my weakest, whereas my writing and reading is definitely my strongest.

In this class, we did a lot of group work using Zoom breakout rooms so we could practice speaking in French amongst our peers. However, we also had a project that we did almost entirely in English, though we did have to introduce ourselves and say a few other sentences in French. This was a project that focused more on French-speaking cultures. The place my partner and I chose was Morocco. The Google Slide we made is below. We submitted a version with audio, but the audio was not recorded on my computer and as a result I do not have access to it. The second link is to the script we made to prepare for the recording, in order to compensate for the lack of audio.