In my first semester at Longwood University, I achieved President’s List. I was initially worried that my Honors classes would be more difficult than my other classes, but they were not. I found that my Honors classes were just taught differently and focused more on independent thinking and creative solutions compared to my other classes. I found that some of my non-Honors classes feel more tedious compared to my Honors classes.

During the second semester, I got Dean’s List. I took another Honors class, Philosophy: Love, Sex, and Friends. This class involved a fair amount of reading material so getting through that material could feel tedious at times, but I still found my non-Honors classes to be more difficult to get through. My Honors class was not what brought my GPA down, but instead a non-Honors class.

In my second year at Longwood, I received Dean’s List both semesters. I took two honors classes: The Problem of Evil and a Directed Study, my online study abroad. The Problem of Evil involved a lot of reading and discussion, while my study abroad involved discussion and collaboration.

I feel that all of my classes have been academically challenging, but they have been challenging in different ways. I feel that my Honors classes tend to inspire more of a creative, independent way of thinking compared to my non-Honors classes, though my non-Honors classes sometimes have these traits as well. I am excited to take more classes and continue to be challenged.

This is the digital seven I received due to earning President’s List.