The Problem of Evil

I took Honors 361, The Problem of Evil, in Fall 2020. Although this class involved a lot of reading, I had fun. We were encouraged to form our own opinions and make our own arguments, and I believe I’ve improved on that since my first Philosophy class (Love, Sex, and Friends). I participated in the extra credit book group, where we read Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra by C. S. Lewis. I enjoyed the books very much and got into a debate with my professor about the main character. I even plan to continue reading the series. In this class, we had the opportunity to practice writing more serious essays, like my paper below on the existential problem of evil, but we also had the opportunity to have more freedom. Below my essay is a dialogue myself and two others wrote. The purpose of the dialogue was to discuss issues that we had covered in class. We were allowed to be creative and to be funny as long as the information was present. My group decided we wanted to go the comedic route, and many of us made arguments in the dialogue that went against what we ourselves believed. Generally my writing skills are good, but I do need to work on writing essays about philosophy.

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