I loved this class. I took Sociology in high school and my teacher did a unit on deviance. I found it interesting that deviance isn’t always a bad thing. When I saw that this class was offered at Longwood, I jumped at the chance to take it. This class completely changed my prospective on issues such as drug use and prostitution. I think this class is very valuable because it looks at things that society views as deviant, and in often cases wrong, and talks about how the situation can be improved or what the situation is like for those who are “deviant.” I believe looking at other’s perspectives is important, and this class is a great way to do that.


Sociology Paper

This is the essay I wrote about prostitution. In writing this essay, I examined how reactions to prostitution varied dramatically in different locations throughout the world. I found this fascinating, as it shows how people’s perspectives on the same issues can be so different.