Introduction to Writing Fiction

I took this class to challenge myself. I have always enjoyed writing, but lately I have found it difficult to find the time to do so. This class was not exactly easy for me, both because of the lack of time to write and because I typically write novels and not short stories. I do, however, consider this class a success. I experimented with writing in a third-person point of view for the first time, and I realized I enjoyed it. This class also helped me realize where the weak points in my writing may be. I was able to find more time to write, and get more ideas for stories, which was my ultimate goal in taking the class. This class also helped me learn to take criticism about my writing, which I have never been in the position to do before. This class was a valuable tool that I believe will help the improvement of my writing.


The Forever Flame Final Version

This is the revised version of the first story I wrote for this class. This was also the first story that I’ve ever written that I’ve had criticized. I would say I took it pretty well, and the story has improved because of it.