Citizen 110: Social Entreprenuership and Global Citizenship

This class was very interesting. There wasn’t a ton of reading like I initially expected. I enjoyed the creativity of the class and how we were able to work with one another. We had a lot of freedom, but we still were given help when we needed it. We were able to choose which problem we wanted to address and try to solve. My group wanted to focus on health care. Our idea shifted to the lack of health products available on college campuses such as thermometers, and we came up with the idea of a company that could deliver boxes of health products to college students. Myself and the others I was working with feel passionately about this idea, and decided we might start this business in the future after we return from our study abroad experiences. This class was beneficial because it was able to allow myself and everyone else to think for ourselves, be creative, and focus on things that we find important. Classes such as this could lead to actual change, or at least shed light on some important issues.


This is the product my group designed. We named our company BOXE. Our slogan was For When You’re Feeling… and this was our Green, or sick box. We decided that if we did start the company that we might expand it to include other colors that represented different feelings.