Historical Inquiry: Gods and Monsters

I really enjoyed this class. I’ve always loved mythology, and I love how the professor discussed it in relation to history. There was a lot of reading, but I found most of the reading interesting. Talking about Joan of Arc was memorable since our campus has such a fascination with her. I was very worried about our midterm and final because we had to memorize who/what something was, where it occurred, when it occurred, and the historical significance of that thing. For the midterm I believe there were 50 people or things we needed to memorize and for the final there was 60. I was very frightened for both because dates are not my strong suit. Studying for those exams ended up being very fun; my friend and I studied together and made funny mnemonics and we both did very well on the exams. This class has definitely been one of my favorites.


History 150 Final Exam Study Guide

This is the study guide my friend and I made for the final, complete with our mnemonics. It was probably the most enjoyable study session I have had, and was surprisingly also fairly productive.