Statistical Decision Making

To be totally honest, I did not need to take this class. I thought I did, as I had doubts about passing the AP Statistics exam. When I found out I did pass the AP Statistics exam, I decided to continue and take this class because I was still not confident in my knowledge. Once I began this class, however, I was bored. I realized I had learned a lot more than I had thought. By the time I came to this realization, it was too late to change to a different class. The only thing that I did differently in this class compared to my high school Statistics class was that I wrote papers. Other than writing the papers, I do not feel that I personally learned very much in this class and due to that, I regret taking it.


Statistics Individual Paper 1


This was the first individual essay we wrote in this class. It was also the first individual math paper I had ever written. I was nervous writing this paper, but I believe I did better on it than I had anticipated.