MATH 171-14

This is a rudimentary statistics course that provides students with knowledge of the ideas and devices of practical statistics and their functionality in problem-solving and decision making. This course covered data displayed in graphs, measures of central tendency & variability, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing for means & proportions. Elementary probability concepts, correlation & regression, and Chi-Square analysis are also included. The correct use and interpretation of statistics in real-life situations are particularly emphasized. 

Some concepts of this course, like probability or line of best fit, came easy to me because either I already learned it or it was straightforward. This experience is important to my growth as a Biology major because I will be able to apply statistics to scientific data which can help me develop conclusions from the results.

I chose this artifact because it shows the contents of a lecture which include definitions, problems, and explanations. This is based on a PowerPoint that the professor presented in class. The way the professor taught was very easy for me to understand because it was straightforward and multiple examples were given. They would write and draw on the board to make sure that the students understood what they were teaching.

Variables, Distributions, and Graphs