ISCI 120-01

This homework was assigned during Week 4 of this class. The assignment was to read an article that was written by a staff member found on the biological and environmental sciences faculty page. This professor should be of interest to a research meeting that will be conducted in Week 7. In addition to reading the article, a series of questions were answered. These questions were a guide for what to look for when reading the article and the expectations. I read Dr. Fortino’s research article about sediment and dissolved organic matter because I enjoyed dredging and seeing the contents in the samples during the LIFE STEM trip.

Attached is my assignment. The questions were:

1. What was the main overall hypothesis being tested in this study? (3 points)
2. BRIEFLY describe the methods used to test this hypothesis. (2 points)
3. What were the controls used in this study? Why are they considered controls? (2 points)
4. What was the dependent and independent variables? (3 points)
5. What were the most important interpretations/conclusions drawn from this study? (3 points)
6. What are pitfalls in this study (What could have been done differently to make this experiment more accurate/better)? (2 points)