BIOL 250-02

The second tier of a three-semester introduction to biology. This course introduces students to the molecular mechanisms that control cellular growth, homeostasis, and external stimuli response. Students are to critically think on a wide range of biological subjects concentrated on the cellular, molecular, and genetic foundation of life.

It was challenging for me to find the answers for the homework because some would be in the PowerPoint or the textbook. Also, unlike the previous Biology course, the PowerPoint slides had little text, so I could not use the strategy that I used for BIOL 120. This changed my attitude about learning because as the course went on, I started to be more communicative with my professor. I will definitely do this in the future.

I chose this artifact because it shows the mistakes that I made. For example, I did not add the methods from the first portion of the lab so I was docked points. This lab report definitely taught me to be thorough with my descriptions and what to include & not include.

Final Lab 2