BIOL 120-50

This course introduces students to the nature, methods, and applications of biology. Students are to critically think on a broad range of biological topics, which include the molecular, cellular, and developmental foundations of life in addition to the evolutionary & ecological relationship of individuals & populations.

For this course, I realized that I needed to memorize what was on the PowerPoint slides so I could do well on the summative assignments. Before my first exam my attitude about this class was lax, however, after I received my grade I quickly shifted gears and got more serious.

I chose this artifact because it helped me understand all the aspects of a scientific experiment. “Reduction of mineral nutrient availability accelerates flowering of Arabidopsis thaliana” is the article that I was required to read. The second portion of the assignment was to identify the hypothesis, methods used to test the hypothesis, controls & the reason they were considered controls, dependent and independent variables, conclusions, and pitfalls of the study.

Journal Article II Reflection