ISCI 220-02

This course prepared for future research and work experiences in addition to focusing on reading, discussing, and presenting scientific literature and professional development. Students in the course meet with representatives from businesses and agencies that employ STEM trained students and gain experience interacting in professional settings.

In this course, I figured out very quickly that I need to improve how I analyze scientific articles. I’d find myself reading the text and not fully understanding what I’m reading. This problem also affected my presentation because I had to convey my thoughts with visual aids and minimal text. I solved this by re-reading the article 2-3 times, synthesizing, and highlighting the crucial information.

My artifacts are samples of my synthesis slide deck because they shows a lot of flaws. My thesis did not have a lot of support and did not do the best job in regard to helping the audience understand the topic of discussion. I hope to look back on this powerpoint and see all the progress that I’ve made when comparing a more recent presentation to it.