CHEM 213-01

The first semester of a two-semester laboratory course that provides a solid foundation in the central procedures of carrying out organic chemical reactions. This course introduces glassware and reaction methods utilized in synthetic organic chemistry. The course further illustrates methods used for observing chemical reactions, and for separation & purification of reaction products.

I found it difficult to understand the lab procedures. I would have to reread it multiple times and ask questions. This experience made me realize that I need to adapt my routine in order to be more successful. For example, if I am having trouble with the procedures I could ask for helpĀ  or annotate them before hand.

I chose this artifact because it is an example of how an entry in the Lab Journal should look. An entry contains a table of the compounds’ characteristics & contents that the pre-lab asks for, the procedure, and additional observations. In experiment 1, TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography), the pre-lab required the compound’s molecular weight, boiling or melting point, density, one health hazard & if it is acute or chronic, and a polar ranking when compared to the other compounds.

This is an entry from my lab journal.