CTZN 110-50

Screenshot of our Instagram account @acleanerbay

This course introduces aspects of citizenship emphasizing the development of analyzing a situation to form a judgment, engagement in conversation, and application of ethical reasoning. Students are inquired and expected to participate in the discussion as opposed to a straightforward lecture. Students are required to identify strengths & flaws in their communicative skills and construct & revise them for scholastic success.

I learned that I need to work on my communicative skills to be successful in a working environment. The interviewing portion of the project caused me to see the importance in communicating with others which is getting an outsider’s opinion.

I chose this artifact because my group devoted a lot of time preparing for the big interactive experience held in Upchurch. Our goal was to spread awareness of the pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. We had to present our plan to the Director of the University Center and Student Activities and make sure that there were no possible inconveniences. Then, we collected recyclables to spread around the main walkway where it could not be ignored. We interviewed people to see their take on our project. This entire process was videotaped. Finally, we uploaded pictures and videos to an Instagram profile that we created in order to promote the importance of having “a cleaner bay” (hence the name).