Scholarship is an academic achievement or a grant offered to a person that is well-deserving and/or meets the criteria in order to assist them in paying for their education.

Being an Honors student means that I am challenged because I have to satisfy the requirements of a minimum 3.25 GPA, completion of an ePortfolio, Study Abroad, and at least 8 honors courses (at least three being 300-level or higher). “It’s not more work, it’s different work”.

I received an athletic scholarship because I am on the lacrosse team. The value could change and is not the same for every athlete. This amount is based on skill and how much the person needs the scholarship.

Longwood provides numerous opportunities to apply for scholarships and I am incredibly grateful. For most scholarships, an essay and recommendation from a faculty member and/or someone who the person has known for at least a year that is not family are required to see if the applier is qualified. The other scholarships typically ask you a couple questions that do not need an in-depth response. With this type of scholarship especially, the general application option is very helpful because it automatically applies to scholarships that a person qualifies for.