CHEM 111-07

This is an introductory course in chemistry, which supplies a basis for additional study in science by focusing on the composition of matter, stoichiometry, bonding, periodic law, thermochemistry, and gas laws. The lab section of the course is centered around scientific inquiry. Students prepare for and execute experiments, collect and analyze experimental data, and disseminate results in the proper formats. The course also focuses on the significance of chemistry and scientific reasoning in daily life.

It was challenging adjusting to the quest system because there is not a lot of room for incorrect questions. It took me three times to pass the nomenclature primary quest because I kept mixing up the rules. This experience taught me that it is ok to make mistakes if you continue trying.

I chose this artifact because I had to use scientific reasoning when writing my conclusion. This assignment required me to identify the objective, record the results, and state the conclusions of the experiment.

Lab Report 2