This is Waka Flocka performing his hit song “No Hands” at Oktober Fest.

A community is a group that shares common goals and interests which leads to a feeling of companionship.

Longwood has many traditions that bring everyone closer together. For example, I participated in The G.A.M.E. This year was the 10th year that this tradition was celebrated and is known as the greatest athletic march EVER. Lancer fans from all around come together and march to the Athletics Complex to watch a Longwood fall athletics team compete. A scarf, which differs in design every year, is given out and worn with pride by students. Another tradition that I was a part of was Oktoberfest which is a fall festival that Longwood holds on campus every year. There were 5 groups in the lineup for this year, one of them being Waka Flocka Flame who rocked the show! Everyone was dancing and having a great time. I cannot wait for next year 🙂

I am a part of multiple groups at Longwood University that facilitate creating relationships. Stevens Hall is a place available for Honors students that allows us to relax, do work, and/or interact with others. Meetings and can be held in Stevens lounge as well as casual hangouts. Additionally, I am in the Life STEM program. This consists of biology, chemistry, environmental science, and physic majors. There are mandatory seminars that teach scientific researching skills. Last but not least, I am on Longwood’s varsity lacrosse team. I see my teammates every day at practice and lift, but interaction is not limited to just lacrosse. I plan to live with three of my teammates in an apartment this year. Freshman year I would always find myself doing something with a teammate such as eating in D Hall or having a class with them. The team culture really stresses team bonding; because of this I was able to create a friendship with all of them.