CHEM 211-01

The first semester of a two-semester course which provides a solid foundation in the fundamental principles and basic reactions of organic chemistry. The course illustrates how 3D structure affects the physical properties and the reactivity of organic compounds. Simple hydrocarbons and alkyl halides are used to introduce the primary concepts: structural isomerism, stereoisomerism, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, reaction mechanisms, and limited synthetic strategies.

I was not prepared for the amount of material we were expected to learn. Also, this course required us to draw diagrams and I found that to be challenging. This experience allowed me to see the flaws in my organizational and communicative skills.

This is a picture of Dr. Yeagley in the midst of explaining resonance to the class.

I chose this artifact because it shows an in-class experience of the professor giving a lecture on resonance. A lot of drawings are used to convey the concept in this course.