HIST 125-03

This course observes of world history from prehistory to 1500 CE while stressing historical inquiry, cultural comparison, and ethnocentrism’s role in shaping perceptions of the world. Students are to recognize commonalities and distinctions among the artifacts, practices and/or institutions, and perspectives of world cultures. Audience, purpose, and context appropriate writing is expected of students.

Studying for the tests was easy because the test was based on the notes we took in class which was available on canvas. After reading The Adventures of Ibn Battuta I realized that there is a lot of diversity in the world regarding values, morals, customs etc.

I chose this artifact because I really enjoyed reading the story. Analyzing the main character was interesting since the decisions he made I would not typically make. For example, Battuta would regularly go astray from his group to explore by himself. I would not do this, even though it seems like a lot of fun because my survival skills are suspect. Also, I do not think that I am capable of traveling for 24 years straight.

Ibn Battuta Book Report