NURS 210

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Attached is a PDF to one of the many heath assessments completed during Fall 2019 in my Nursing 210: Health Assessment Across the Lifespan class. The assessment was conducted on my lab partner. Had this been a real assessment and not a practice this would not be posted due to a violation of HIPPA. In an effort to minimize that even in a classroom setting all personal identifiers are blacked out. In this class I learned many different physical assessments from the head all the way down to the toes. This assessment is specifically focusing on the head, face, and neck region. Each aspect of the assessment is necessary and important in nursing care. Other physical examination assessments include; skin, hair, and nails; eyes; ears; nose, mouth, and throat; breasts, axillae, and regional lymphatics; thorax and lungs; heart and neck vessels; peripheral vascular system and lymphatic system; abdomen; musculoskeletal system; neurologic system; male genitourinary system; anus, prostate, and rectum; and female genitourinary system.

As of Fall 2019, this has to be my hardest class yet. This was the first class where we dove right into NCLEX style questions which included select all that apply. This class really taught me how to clinically think to prepare me for the clinical setting. It taught me basic skills that i needed to know upon entering a patients room. It taught me how to be comfortable touching, examining, and getting close to patients that may even be my age. It taught me that everybody is different. This things that I have learned from this course will carry with me. I remember one day after an exam I went straight to my professors office and let out all of my feelings because I didn’t think that I could get through, but that was not the case. This class taught me the importance of hard work and that if you really want something you have to go get it. I hope to take with me what I have learned to the rest of my classes, my life in general, and incoming students who will soon take this class and even other classes. Short term, I hope to continue to use these skills and grow upon them in the clinical setting.

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NURS 220

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Attached is a copy of all the skills I learned in Nursing 220: Clinical Skills for Nursing Practice. These skills had to get checked off in the lab recognizing that I was competent before entering the clinical setting and advancing to the next level. The columns on the left is what was done in the lab and what is on the right is what was completed in the clinical setting.

Throughout this course I created a solid foundation for what nursing care is suppose to look like. While the attached assignment documentation was a key aspect to my success in this class, it continues throughout my time at Longwood within the Nursing program and continue to learn new skills and get those checked off on those skills. Due to Covid-19 I am unable to be in the clinical setting and/or lab, therefore upon my return to Longwood, my primary goal is to get back in the lab and refresh my skills before the start of clinical. Long term, I want to be able to successfully practice each of the skills on a patient in the clinical setting so I am closer to being ready to enter the field.

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BIOL 120

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Attached is a group project presentation from a scientific experiment conducted Fall 2019. The authors of this project included Alexis Wayland, Adam Gyori, Emily Sukhai, and myself, Kelsey Swegle. During the fall semester in BIOL 120, we had to conduct two scientific experiments both with variables of our choosing. In this particular experiment we were given the foundation of the growth a specific type of plant called Brassica rapa. Within out groups we were able to decide what exactly we wanted to test. My group decided to test the effects of different type of water those being mineralized, distilled, and deionized water. Our PowerPoint presentation that we gave to out class regarding out experiment is what is attached.

Biology classes remain on of my favorite courses at Longwood. It breaks up a lot of my other classes which happen to be Nursing. This particular class was a requirement for my minor and also a prerequisite for other required classes for my minor. This course was an introduction to other biology courses. Throughout it we looked at and studied different scientific experiments as well as create a foundation of knowledge for biology. Studying the different experiments was very beneficial and I learned a lot. All that I have learned can also be reflected within the attached PowerPoint and this encompasses everything I have learned throughout the year. I hope to one day take a course in which I have to write my own research paper in addition to the presentation because it is something that fascinates me. In the near future I hope to continue research at an undergraduate level. Long term, I hope to be able to write my own research paper and have it published whether that is apart of undergraduate or graduate studies. This class was the foundation for that. As a current nursing student this is not something that I do everyday, but it can be something that I do everyday depending on the course I chose to take after undergrad.

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MATH 171

Attached is a combined final projected that consisted of calculated statistics and graphs from all MATH 171 students during the Fall 2019 semester. It was completed by me and Jared Wood, my partner for the project and throughout the class as a whole. It was completed and turned in November 17, 2019. This assignment was completed to represent real data from real students in real life current event situations. The first day of class we sat down and took a survey that consisted of questions that we conducted statistics for on this project. This assignment shows a combination of everything that was learned throughout the semester from the very first week to the very last. While there are some errors in this submission, my partner and I were able to go back and not only see what we did incorrectly, but also understand it. I think that is a very key concept in really getting the full benefit out of college courses. 
Statistics was a course that I always felt was really interesting. I took it in high school as well and although they are two very different types of classes simply due to one being higher education, they both were very engaging. Statistics was a course for me where when I understood something, I got very enthusiastic and was ready to learn the next thing, but if I didn’t, I felt defeated. It is a course that is very different from my major, but I was able to apply it to my minor through research and courses where we conducted scientific experiments. Looking back at the class as a whole, I wish I would have made this connection earlier on as it would have greatly benefitted me. Despite that, I am thankful to have had this class. It truly allowed me to recognize how courses that I might not think will correlate with what I plan to do in the future actually correlate to a great extent. As I continue on into my biology classes, I will use what I have learned during this course to implement statistics in my conducted experiments. I also will utilize what I have learned in my future practice as a nurse practitioner if and when I come across the need to look at statistics from my patients as a whole.
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ANTH 200

Attached is an analytical easy completed for my anthropology class during the spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic school year. This assignment was an analytical research paper. I picked a topic of my own choosing and discussed how it helped shape culture in different places.

Having no background knowledge of anthropology, I did not know what I was getting my self into, however, this assignment shows the knowledge I have gained throughout the semester. One thing that stood out to me as I was completing this assignment was that I am able to connect something I love to my academics. Everything relates to one another, even Mickey Mouse and college. I was able to turn something that did not see all that interesting to me into something that I enjoyed very much. This skill I will be able to take into other courses during my time here at Longwood Univeristy.


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SPAN 111

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Attached is a video completed for my Spanish class during the spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. This video was due the last week of classes, however, we were given three months to complete it.

The point behind this project was to immerse ourselves in the Spanish culture and learn something that we did not know before. My partner and I decided to research Semana Santa and make a popular dish that is eaten during this holiday. this particular assignment engaged in into the culture. I wish this were assigned at the beginning of the semester rather at the end because I felt more inclined to learn and immerse my self into the language after completing this assignment. I was very intimidated at the beginning of the semester. I walked in the class room and took my seat along with all of the other students. As class time hit, the professor walked in and stated talking in only Spanish. I hadn’t taken Spanish since my sophomore year in high school, so it was a very overwhelming start. this class taught me how important it was to focus and take time to really sit down and study. because it was a language I did not know, I knew I needed to work even harder than I had imagined. As I take on SPAN 211 next semester, I know what I need to be ready for. I have learned how to appropriately study for this class and I am excited to try another challenge. My professor also introduced us to helpful online study quizzes that I often took advantage of. I plan to take advantage of this practice quizzes next semester as well.

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Attached is a combination of mini entries completed for my honors English class taken during my spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. This assignment was completed the first and second week of class. One entry represented one class. We were given a picture and told to write for ten minutes about anything that we thought about when looking at the picture. it was a way to get us to start writing creatively.

This artifact was my first piece of work completed in this class, so it does not do a very good job at representing my growth throughout the course. However, it was a very unique assignment that I though represented this course very well. Throughout the semester we did mini activities that allowed us to deeply think about the detail and structure of what we are writing in order to keep the reader intrigued. This piece was one of my most successful assignments completed. Overall, I was not as successful in tis course as I would’ve hoped to be. I thought I did well on my essay assignments such as the personal essay, however my grade did not reflect that. it is through this class that I have learned how important and beneficial the writing center is and I look forward to using is consistently throughout the rest of my time here. It also taught me to take the time to go to office hours or email my professors is I have any questions even if I think I am doing well on my own. It is better to be well informed rather than to just assume. Despite a few difficulties in this class, it was one of my favorites during the spring semester. It opened my eyes to the death of writing and for that I am grateful.

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BIOL 207

Attached is a pig I dissected in an Anatomy and Physiology II lab in the spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic school year. My grade in this course was based solely upon our lecture exams and lab practicals, therefore we did not have any outside assignments other than to study. I added a picture of one of our weekly labs to represent an artifact.

Dissecting a pig gave me the opportunity to see organs first hand rather than in a text book. This gives me a different perspective. During this lab, I was able to identify all of the organs in the pics body. Because the pigs organs are almost identical to a humans, it was a very beneficial lab because with my major, I work with humans. As I continue with my education, I hope to do more dissections as they give me hands on experience. Overall, this direction lab was a very helpful lab to review all of the organ systems before our final exam. After this lab, I went back and started reviewing. I already felt ahead of the game because I was able to answer the questions that my professor asked in class as he walked from table to table. One thing about this class that was challenging was the fact that our grades were based solely on testing. It was very high stakes, but it taught me to not wait to open up the book. It taught me that when professors say “for every one hour in class, you should be studying two hours,” they mean it. It taught me that not all classes are going to be smooth sailing and I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to learn that early on.

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NURS 100

Attached is a paper from my first nursing course taken spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic school year. This paper was a philosophy of nursing piece that discussed what my thoughts of nursing were and how I would implement a nursing theory into my future practice.

This course taught me the history of nursing as well as the topics such as legal issues, different career paths, and so much more. Because of this assignment I was able to critically think about what nursing meant to me and why I chose to go into this career. As a nurse, you have to have many different qualities. I believe caring is one of the most important qualities a nurse can obtain. this is why I chose to write about Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. As I continue on with nursing school I will be able to look back at this paper and see how my view of nursing has grown and adapted. Once I am in the clinical setting, I hope to make connections between this theory and other theories that I learned about in this course. Once I start practicing as a registered nurse, I hope to implement the many theories there are today into my own practice. NURS 100 gave me the basic foundation of nursing of which I look forward to grow upon in the upcoming years.

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Attached is my Psychology research paper completed fall semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. This paper was on a topic of my own choosing that had to do with psychology. I chose to research selective mutism.

This was my first college level research paper. The assignment was due at the very end of the semester. Because of this, we were able to refer back to all of the topics we covered in the course to choose what topic interested us the most and complete our paper based off of that. It had to include all peer reviewed articles which was new to me, but I learned how to easily access these articles via the Greenwood Library. I was overwhelmed at first as I was trying to figure out how to intertwine the six articles found, however I was able to successfully do just that. Not only did this assignment teach me how to access Greenwood Library and appropriately use the search engine, it also taught me time management. We were given over a month to complete this assignment. I started it at the beginning when we were assigned the paper. I had time to ask questions, change articles, and even rewrite paragraphs that did not seem to fit. Because I started when it was given, it emphasized to me how important it is and how much easier things become when you stay on top of things and do not procrastinate. I hope to bring this lesson along with me as I enter my sophomore year. Overall,  I really enjoyed conducting research for this assignment. I look forward to completing more research based papers in the future.

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