MATH 171

Attached is a combined final projected that consisted of calculated statistics and graphs from all MATH 171 students during the Fall 2019 semester. It was completed by me and Jared Wood, my partner for the project and throughout the class as a whole. It was completed and turned in November 17, 2019. This assignment was completed to represent real data from real students in real life current event situations. The first day of class we sat down and took a survey that consisted of questions that we conducted statistics for on this project. This assignment shows a combination of everything that was learned throughout the semester from the very first week to the very last. While there are some errors in this submission, my partner and I were able to go back and not only see what we did incorrectly, but also understand it. I think that is a very key concept in really getting the full benefit out of college courses. 
Statistics was a course that I always felt was really interesting. I took it in high school as well and although they are two very different types of classes simply due to one being higher education, they both were very engaging. Statistics was a course for me where when I understood something, I got very enthusiastic and was ready to learn the next thing, but if I didn’t, I felt defeated. It is a course that is very different from my major, but I was able to apply it to my minor through research and courses where we conducted scientific experiments. Looking back at the class as a whole, I wish I would have made this connection earlier on as it would have greatly benefitted me. Despite that, I am thankful to have had this class. It truly allowed me to recognize how courses that I might not think will correlate with what I plan to do in the future actually correlate to a great extent. As I continue on into my biology classes, I will use what I have learned during this course to implement statistics in my conducted experiments. I also will utilize what I have learned in my future practice as a nurse practitioner if and when I come across the need to look at statistics from my patients as a whole.
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