So far my time at Longwood University has been nothing by exceptional. All of the professors are there to help and it clearly shows the first day of classes. Everyone wants you to be successful in and out of the classroom.

My first semester I ended with all A’s and an A- making my GPA a 3.94. I was placed on the Dean’s list. I struggled a little more with my academics my second semester, however, I ┬ádid not do bad. one thing that I can learn from this past year is to utilize office hours. first semester I was always in my professors office hours asking questions and getting clarification. This is something that I started to lack second semester which in the end, did not help. Time management is a huge aspect in this. With time management, balancing academics with extracurricular and social life, it becomes so much more easier.

I will continue to utilize other resources such as the Writing Center and the Library in the upcoming years. All of these resources are here to help us, the students. while partaking in these opportunities, academics soar with flying colors.

BIOL 207 Lung Lab. I am holding a pair of healthy pig lungs.