NURS 320

Attached is a PDF copy of a final project in both Pharmacology and Nutrition. For this project, I partnered with Grace Auld. The purpose of this was to relate the two courses together. We chose a category of medication and talked about food interactions when taking those medications. In addition, we presented this to our class at the very end of the semester. I really enjoyed this project because not only did it bring the classes I was taking during the fall 2020 semester together, but it enabled me to test what I learned. After completing this project, I felt more confident discussing these specific medications. This is a skill that I need to have not only as a student when I am with my professor or another nursing passing medications, but when I am a nurse in the real world. While I see myself working in a cardiac unit where the majority of these medications may not be given on a day to day basis, it is still very important to know them and be prepared to discuss what they are, how they work, and answer any other questions the patient may have when administering it.

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