NURS 310

Attached is one of my discussion post’s from one of our units in Principles of Pathophysiology during the spring 2020 semester. Each unit/each body system we covered we had to write a discussion post regarding one particular disease. The system for this post was the cardiovascular system and I wrote about dyslipidemia.

Pathophysiology was a very challenging course for me. It was similar to anatomy and physiology, but nursing version meaning all tests and quizzes were NCLEX style. This was definitely a learning cure because I felt as though I knew that material, but knowing the material isn’t the only thing you need to know in nursing. It is important to be able to critically think as well. I learned how to really utilize my resources such as office hours and all of our text books. In addition, I really learned the importance of time management. Simply reading the textbook was not going to fly, but applying what I learned to what I was seeing in the clinical setting in NURS 230 was a very critical point in this class that I learned. My short term goal from this course if to really focus on my time management in my junior year. Long term, I hope to use these skills I learned through the nursing test taking tips that my professor in this class shared with us in order to pass the NCLEX.

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