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Attached is an evidence based research project for Foundations of Nursing Practice completed by Grace Ault, Hope Barnhart, Ryleigh Turner, and myself, Kelsey Swegle. This project was suppose to be shown at Research Day spring 2020 just like the HONS 490 presentation previously discussed. This was one of out final projects in the class as we brought all of our knowledge together.

Nursing research is consistently being conducted. With that being said, it is so important tot stay on top of the changing information and data because it is changing and altering everyday. We must stay on top of it so that we can give the best care possible that show the best results. This is why evidence based practice is so important. Evidence based practice is something that has be proven to work or proven to be true through research. In the health care settings I have seen restraints at use. I have seen both the positive and negative effects of these restraints. I have learned so much, yet there is so much more to learn and the only way we will learn it is if we conduct evidence based research on it. I hope to continue research throughout my time at Longwood. I know I have a research class coming up during my junior year specifically geared towards nursing. I am interested to see whether or not that will alter my career path. There are so many different ways I cant take with nursing, but like I said in one of my other posts, maybe I will end up getting my doctorate in nursing research in the future.

This course was also my first nursing school clinical rotation.  Though this course I have given my first real physical assessment. I have held a patients hand. I have talked to a patients family. I have held a patient when they cried. I had fed a patient when they couldn’t move. While I work in an acute care setting at home, this was a different experience. This was nursing. That alone has changed my life. I remember walking out of a patients room one day with one of my peers and we both looked over at each other and said “we made a difference today. We actually did that. I love nursing.” That is the feeling I hope to feel every single day of my life.

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