Attached is my Psychology research paper completed fall semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. This paper was on a topic of my own choosing that had to do with psychology. I chose to research selective mutism.

This was my first college level research paper. The assignment was due at the very end of the semester. Because of this, we were able to refer back to all of the topics we covered in the course to choose what topic interested us the most and complete our paper based off of that. It had to include all peer reviewed articles which was new to me, but I learned how to easily access these articles via the Greenwood Library. I was overwhelmed at first as I was trying to figure out how to intertwine the six articles found, however I was able to successfully do just that. Not only did this assignment teach me how to access Greenwood Library and appropriately use the search engine, it also taught me time management. We were given over a month to complete this assignment. I started it at the beginning when we were assigned the paper. I had time to ask questions, change articles, and even rewrite paragraphs that did not seem to fit. Because I started when it was given, it emphasized to me how important it is and how much easier things become when you stay on top of things and do not procrastinate. I hope to bring this lesson along with me as I enter my sophomore year. Overall,  I really enjoyed conducting research for this assignment. I look forward to completing more research based papers in the future.

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