NURS 100

Attached is a paper from my first nursing course taken spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic school year. This paper was a philosophy of nursing piece that discussed what my thoughts of nursing were and how I would implement a nursing theory into my future practice.

This course taught me the history of nursing as well as the topics such as legal issues, different career paths, and so much more. Because of this assignment I was able to critically think about what nursing meant to me and why I chose to go into this career. As a nurse, you have to have many different qualities. I believe caring is one of the most important qualities a nurse can obtain. this is why I chose to write about Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. As I continue on with nursing school I will be able to look back at this paper and see how my view of nursing has grown and adapted. Once I am in the clinical setting, I hope to make connections between this theory and other theories that I learned about in this course. Once I start practicing as a registered nurse, I hope to implement the many theories there are today into my own practice. NURS 100 gave me the basic foundation of nursing of which I look forward to grow upon in the upcoming years.

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