Attached is a combination of mini entries completed for my honors English class taken during my spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. This assignment was completed the first and second week of class. One entry represented one class. We were given a picture and told to write for ten minutes about anything that we thought about when looking at the picture. it was a way to get us to start writing creatively.

This artifact was my first piece of work completed in this class, so it does not do a very good job at representing my growth throughout the course. However, it was a very unique assignment that I though represented this course very well. Throughout the semester we did mini activities that allowed us to deeply think about the detail and structure of what we are writing in order to keep the reader intrigued. This piece was one of my most successful assignments completed. Overall, I was not as successful in tis course as I would’ve hoped to be. I thought I did well on my essay assignments such as the personal essay, however my grade did not reflect that. it is through this class that I have learned how important and beneficial the writing center is and I look forward to using is consistently throughout the rest of my time here. It also taught me to take the time to go to office hours or email my professors is I have any questions even if I think I am doing well on my own. It is better to be well informed rather than to just assume. Despite a few difficulties in this class, it was one of my favorites during the spring semester. It opened my eyes to the death of writing and for that I am grateful.

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