ENGL 215- Histories and Cultures

As of the end of my freshman year, ENGL 215 has been hands down my favorite class here at Longwood. This is something I never thought I would say as someone who despises english classes, but Professor Lund madeĀ  me think of the content we were learning completely different. There was something about this class that was so different and so engaging that really made me love it. It was a very discussion based class and the reading was pretty heavy, but the knowledge that I gained from sitting in and participating in those lectures was unforgettable. Professor Lund went beyond the classroom. We even had a Victory Garden on campus that we would often tend to and somehow it would all relate back to what we were learning.

ENGL 215 felt like an honors course to me. The way Professor Lund taught was very engaging and made me thing about my education in an entirely different way. In addition to just learning about history, this class taught me how to better write about and analyze literature. Below I have included one of my exams for ENGL 215. Here, we were to link a commercial we watched in class as well as a real world example to the events that were occurring in the literature we were reading at the time. Being able to connect all these different events from all different sources taught me a lot about analyzing literature and is one reason why I loved the class so much.

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