ISCI 121- Entering Research 2

Entering research 2 was a great continuation to entering research 1. This time around we focused on a different type of writing that I had actually heard very little about previously, so I’d say I learned a lot in the class. In addition, there was a pretty large public speaking aspect to the class. Each week, a student would give a 12-15 minute presentation about a scientific article of their choice. This assignment allowed me to further research a topic that I was interested in as well as enhance my public speaking skills. There was also a group presentation at the end of the semester regarding our proposals which allowed us to work together and create a final product.

Throughout the semester, I found it a lot more challenging to get my grade up in this class. Our assignments, in my opinion, were being graded a lot more harshly than they were the previous semester, which was challenging since I was actually putting in a lot more effort than previously. While this wasn’t too drastic, it still negatively impacted my thoughts about the class, although I still did learn a lot and am grateful that I have the opportunity to take a class like entering research.

The assignment I am submitting below is my final proposal regarding sea level rise in the Chesapeake Bay. This was an assignment that was completed over the course of the entire semester, as little parts were due each week. This demonstrates the work and research my group and I put in to create a reasonable proposal to save aspects of the Chesapeake Bay.