CTZN 110- Bodies and Citizens

CTZN 110 was the first honors class I took at Longwood and really allowed me to get a feel for what honors courses are all about. This class was a lot different from the other non-honors courses I have taken. For example, instead of writing and turning in a reflection about a homework assignment, we would have a class discussion the entire class. It wasn’t that this honors class was harder than my other classes, it was just structured differently and gave me a different perspective on the material we were learning.

As for the material itself, I really didn’t enjoy that aspect of the class as much. I felt like it was strictly a gender studies class and was completely different from anything actually related to citizenship most of the time. Even though it wasn’t something that peaked my interest that much, I definitely learned a lot and I really can’t complain because the class also taught me other skills such as effective public speaking, as two presentations were a very large part of our grade.

Below I have included a reflection to a reading we analyzed in class. It was challenging to find an artifact to include for this class, as we really didnt do much writing in the course. We had lots of annotations and speeches, but little writing. Although, this is still a good representation of the work I accomplished in this class.