Being able to participate in honors courses at Longwood has given me a chance to receive an enhanced education. Honors classes allow me to learn in a different way than I would normally do in other courses. I get the opportunity to have more discussion based learning in very small classroom settings that I would not have the opportunity to do without the honors college. My honors classes also often require me to think outside of the box and complete projects that allow me to get a different perspective about education as a whole and how my education at Longwood, specifically within the honors college, is benefiting me.

One major benefit within the honors college is that students get to register for classes in the first time ticket. This has helped me tremendously so far during my time at Longwood because it helps me ensure that the courses I have planned to pursue my degree are completed when they need to be. This has allowed me to be easily put on the right track and has made me feel more secure when it comes to scheduling.

Being a part of the honors college has given me an opportunity to greatly enhance my education at Longwood. Being able to take advantage of theĀ  honors college perks has set me on the right track to complete the goals I hope to accomplish during my four years at Longwood.