The Honors College has given me the biggest sense of community at Longwood. From the leadership retreat to living in Wheeler Hall, the students in the Honors College come together as one community and have made me feel at home here at Longwood. I know that I can always reach out to my Honors College peers and they are overall great people to be around.

The Honors Leadership Retreat stands out to me as something that really built the Honors community. Being on campus before the rest of the students arrive and bonding with your peers creates the best sense of community and it sticks throughout the year. Having a peer mentor at this time also really helped give me a sense of community. My mentor was always willing to answer any questions I had and is now someone who I consider a friend.

Having Stevens Lounge as an Honors College study space has also helped me to gain a sense of community with my honors peers. Everytime I entered the room I was likely to find one of my peers and be able to strike a quick conversation with them, which really gave me that feeling of community that I have always felt within the Honors community.