Spanish 110- Beginning Language & Culture

I did not want to take Spanish. I took 2 years of Spanish in high school but it was never my strong suit. When I was told I needed to take a foreign language in order to graduate Longwood, I cringed a little. I decided to stick with Spanish because I had already taken courses of it in high school and figured I should continue with it instead of starting over.

I remember walking into my first Spanish class in college, I was very nervous. I was nervous I didn’t remember or learn enough from high school and that I would be behind the other students. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. Since I was in the introductory level Spanish course, a lot of the other students weren’t very familiar with Spanish either. I also learned a lot more than I did in high school because of my professor.

My Spanish professor was very fun to be around and made her class enjoyable. I learned a lot from my professor in regards to Spanish but also about life. She knew we weren’t very familiar with Spanish so we did a lot of games and in class exercises to help us learn. My professor was also very open to questions that students had and was always ready to help.

Taking Spanish brought me out of my comfort zone and I think my professor noticed that. Going out of your comfort zone can be scary but taking Spanish taught me that it is important to do sometimes. Even though I was unsure of my skills I still worked very hard to learn and get better everyday. Taking Spanish taught me that new things can be intimidating, but with hard work it is still possible to overcome those challenges and succeed. 

This is an example of my professor doing fun activities to help us learn. We all made Valentines Day cards in class.