EDUC 245

Human Growth & Development • Dorothy Cosby • Spring 2018

This class presented future educators, nurses, and speech pathologists with a survey of varying theorists, perspectives on human development, and a look at physical, cognitive, social, and personality development from birth to adolescence. I enjoyed learning about each aspect of the course, but I wish more informative activities were incorporated in order to reinforce the material. We had quite a large workload in this class, from papers to presentations, that required independent study. Below is my favorite paper produced from this class. We were asked to address an issue related to our future field that we were passionate about. Due to my background, I consider myself an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and I feel that not enough measures are in place to extend fair treatment and protection to students identifying with the community. Henceforth, I delved into researching the specifics of this issue, only causing a greater drive to make my future classroom a safe space for all.