ENGL 483

This was a class I took with one of my all-time favorite professors, Dr. Ruday. I chose to enhance this class because I have a good working relationship with this professor and I am genuinely passionate about English and literacy instruction. Given this, I was able to enhance the class by creating an article to submit to a journal sponsored by The Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar. I will not lie when I say that, at times, this extra assignment weighed heavily on me in a semester that was already very busy and was even interrupted by COVID-19. Nevertheless, I persisted and am incredibly grateful for the support from Dr. Ruday. This enhancement, especially in the middle of a pandemic, showed me how having passion and resilience, even in the face of something that could be overwhelming, can produce something truly wonderful.

As one might guess, I have attached the journal article I wrote for my enhancement. I am looking forward to feedback from editors and hopefully publishing this work. Regardless of the outcome, this experience has only made me more passionate about inquiry-based instruction and English instruction as a whole.