HIST 222

US History 1877 – Modern Times • Kyle Meadows • Spring 2018

This survey course provided students with a variety of information on important events, figures, and places in United States history. Mr. Meadows was clearly interested in and passionate about each piece of information, which encouraged me to want to know more. He made these events in history relevant to our own lives and gave assignments that would clearly benefit us by preparing for future assessments or encouraging us to support our viewpoints and form educated opinions. The latter benefit was clearly illustrated in the paper required for this course, which involved a book review of the novel The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man. Analyzing a book that broke from traditional race novels of the early 1900’s, Mr. Meadows asked us to provide a review of the novel in relation to our own opinions, race novels, and surrounding historical context. I enjoyed exploring the novel and the different perspectives this essay entailed. This was also my first experience using Chicago style formatting, thereby expanding my understanding of different forms of documentation.