HONS 295

Love, Sex, and Friendship • Adam Blincoe • Fall 2017

This course challenged me in a way I had not previously been challenged. Prior to this course, I had never read works of philosophy, never discussed it, and certainly never wrote papers on it. I previously simply accepted concepts such as friendship, romantic and platonic love, and sex just for what I believed they were, never thinking to consider different aspects of said concepts. However, in reading works of philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato, then using their ideas to shape my own arguments on the subjects, I delved into how differently each of these concepts could be perceived and how they could shape one’s life. Essays were written on each topic. Below is just one of these essays, written on friendship. I found this one particularly interesting, especially in terms of the different types of friendship outlined by Aristotle. It forced me to consider the relations I had with others in my own life.